The York Rite Bodies of St. Louis

The degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry are the first three degrees of York Rite Freemasonry. Those who have attained the degree of Master Mason may petition for the remainder of the York Rite Degrees and Orders.

As a Master Mason, an overseer of the Word, you are taught many moral lessons and are prepared for the life to come, but the Temple of life is not yet completed.

Those faithful Craftsmen who have labored so long are deprived by the wickedness of others, of that for which they have wrought so faithfully, the WORD, which would entitle them to WAGES. Because of the symbolism used in the Ancient Craft Degrees, it is often difficult to comprehend.

The York Rite Degrees and Orders exist to explain and make clear the wonderful knowledge imparted to us in symbolic form, and to supply that which was lost but later FOUND.

The degrees of the York Rite are classified as:

  • Symbolic (Lodge of Master Masons)
  • Capitular (Chapter of Royal Arch Masons)
  • Cryptic (Council of Cryptic Masons)
  • Chivalric (Commander of Knights Templar)

Download the petition for membership.

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